Award Report 2012

Decisions have been emailed to all applicants already. We are continuing to evaluate additional applicants and will notify them if there is an update in their status. We have so far awarded 17 scholarhips this year and hope to reach a figure of 20 if funding goes as planned.

Please note that there is no award ceremony this year because most people find it inconvenient to travel to our office. Nevertheless, the significance of this day is not diminished. The world lost a good man two years ago today, and his memory alone, without ceremonies, is sufficient to inspire us to be good. May the pain of his loss teach us to alleviate the pain of others. May we learn from our suffering, as he did, to mitigate the suffering of humanity.

Awards 2012-2013

Once again this year we had the privilege to meet many talented, courageous, and inspiring young people during the interview process on Saturday, 22 September. We shall be sending emails to all successful applicants in the next 24 hours. Please check your email and proceed as directed. All new recipients of FURTHER scholarships must complete and properly execute this Affidavit by 30 September 2012 to receive their payments. Please note that you must have a teacher or an administrator at your university sign as a witness on the Affidavit. Congratulations and good luck.

Scholarship Update

This year we received nearly 150 applications for 10 awards. Since many more than 10 applicants had very compelling cases, we have increased the number of awards to accommodate them. Existing recipients who appeared for interviews last week have all qualified for renewal. We ranked new applicants by awarding points based on the following criteria:

  1. Need for aid – 50 points maximum
    Calculated by creating an index out of monthly income, number of dependents, housing expense, and educational burden of dependents
  2. Academic performance – 35 points maximum
    Calculated by creating a weighted index based on SSC or O Level marks, HSC or A Level marks, and GPA or university performance.
  3. Quality of degree program and institution – 15 points maximum
    Based on entrance competition and reputation of university among faculty and students.

The competition for our limited funds is very intense and unfortunately we do not have the resources to support everyone who applies. Accordingly, we have now sent emails to all those who could not make it into the short list. Such applicants might be considered again if a substantial number of the top candidates fail to provide documentary evidence. However, this is unlikely because of the depth and quality of the short-listed applicants.

Those who have been short-listed will be asked for a telephone interview today. Please ensure that you attend your phone and answer all questions accurately. The Trustee who calls you today shall be your contact person through the rest of this process. If your telephone interview is successful you will be required to appear for an interview in person at 9 AM on Saturday, 22 September 2012 at our office. You will receive an email with the address and directions. Please bring the following documents in original for the interview:

Proof of Academic Record

  1. Marks sheets, certificates, etc. for Matric, Intermediate, O Level, or A Level
  2. Transcripts for ALL courses ever taken and grades obtained at university level (Bachelor’s, Master’s, etc)
  3. Any academic references from teachers, professors, principals, etc.
  4. Proof of admission to the university you are attending

Proof of Financial and Family Situation

  1. Your Computerized National Identity Card showing your current and permanent addresses
  2. Form B showing the names and dates of birth of all family members (father, mother, siblings, you)
  3. A recent utility bill or other official document showing the address where you or your parents live
  4. If a parent or guardian is not alive, a death certificate or official document showing the date he or she was deceased
  5. If parents are divorced, separated, or otherwise not together, a deed or legal instrument showing the date of the event
  6. All evidence of household income (pay slips for last 12 months, tax records, bank statements showing periodic deposits, fixed deposit certificates, rental agreements, etc).
  7. All evidence of major household expenses (rent agreement, utility bills, school or university tuition bills for you and siblings, hostel or other accommodation bills, medical bills if a family member is chronically sick, etc.)

Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to reply to individual queries, particularly those that are frivolous. So we request you to not contact us unless it is absolutely critical. We will contact you if there is any update relevant to you. Please also note that if you made a mistake in entering your email address or phone number in the application form, we shall have no means to contact you and your application will be dropped.

We thank you for your cooperation and understanding and wish you the best for your education and future.