Scholarship Awards 2020-21

This year we aimed to help 3 students achieve their academic goals, but have found only one eligible applicant. We therefore still have funding for two more scholars. The student we are supporting is being funded for Rs. 96,000 with scholarship grants for the next one year and an additional Rs. 102,000 in loans.

COVID-19 has placed all of us in a difficult new situation and it is an adjustment for everyone. However, it has also given us an opportunity to dig deep into our reserves of resilience and intelligence to do our best as human beings – not only for ourselves and our families but for everyone we know. This is not the time to bundle up and wallow in self-pity or to focus too intently on ourselves. It’s time to look out for all and sundry. If you know anyone who needs help in pursuing their education, please ask them to contact us through this website.