Scholarship Awards 2018-2019

As we mark the 7th Anniversary of this scholarship programme, we have one FURTHER Scholar graduating in May 2019 from Khyber Medical College and two additional scholarships for PKR 100,000 each still available for this year. We have not called for direct applications this year because of extremely limited staff time. Instead, The FAST-NU Islamabad Campus has promised to send us by November the details of their students in need. FAST-NU has an excellent financial aid programme with a robust system for identifying deserving students. Based on their analysis, we will select two more FURTHER Scholars in November for the academic year 2018-2019.

Once again, at this sombre time of the year when we remember a gentleman who made this world a better place, we wish all FURTHER Scholars a great year ahead. Being able to offer three scholarships this year is better than what we may have thought a couple of years ago. We still don’t have any outside donations and no past FURTHER Scholar has as yet contributed to funding. However, we have survived and will continue to do so indefinitely because we are inspired by the memory of a kind human being.